Cancel Culture NFT is a brand, identity and metaverse social circle. 5000 supply, minting on ETH.

Ownership grants access to the ‘Cancel Club’; a holder only community/private portfolio space, aiming to empower web3 through networking utility.


Cancel Culture NFT?

Cancel Culture aims to be more than just your next pfp. Our utility is inspired from a decade of experience working within the online space. Sure, jpegs are rad, but the true value always lies within the holders of them. Our vision is to create a private web3 portal for our community to network, aka, ‘The Cancel Club’.

The Cancel Club is twofold, a place where you can share your portfolio, skill sets and socials. From artists, developers/founders, degens to alpha, the list could go on and on.

Or on the flip side, are you looking for an artist? A developer? Someone to talk alpha with? I think you get the idea. To coin a phrase, your network is your net worth.

Finding quality is hard, and contacts these days are always scattered over so many different websites. The Cancel Club aims to solve this issue and act as a central location for like minded individuals, who share our vision and ambition to connect and build.

Let’s showcase who you are in the space and what value you can bring. Or, hook up with the right people to talk to and bring your vision to life.

The community is the value, and we can make those connections happen.

We build within the Culture, for the Cultured.




10+ year professional content creator. 1.75m YT subscribers/500m unique views under alias ‘ThnxCya’. Previously partnered/collaborated with Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Discord, Jazwares, Wargaming + more. DeFi/NFT enthusiast, grower of vegetables.



Professional digital artist based in Brazil. Takes creative influence in pop culture and street art. Football fan and anime consumer.


Community Manager

Arts degree graduate. Cocurator.
Skilled Discord CM, public relations and management experience. Avid D20 roller.

Metaseed Labs


Co-founders of Metaseed Labs, Evan and Sayeed. Highly skilled in all things web3. Launch, dev and build experts. Dev team behind ‘alienfrens’, 'L3MON' and many other equally fantastic projects.

frequently asked questions

We are aiming to mint 29 & 30th Sept 2022. The 29th will be for presale and premint participants, with a public allocation minting on the 30th.


Cancel Culture will mint on ETH. Total supply 5000 with 99 USD/ETH value (We are keeping an eye on the market conditions at all times). Our mint site will be published on launch day. You will need a Metamask wallet and enough Ethereum to cover the mint cost and gas. ‘Allow List’ taken from our premint campaigns will have first access to mint, with any public minting occurring after a set time frame has passed.

Cancel Culture aims to be more than just your next pfp. However we do not wish to set out our entire vision in stone pre launch.

However The ‘Cancel Club’ is our big vision and initial utility. We wish to create a holder only community/private portfolio space, where investors, professionals and quality persons of all creative and technical fields can connect and network together.

We recognize there are plenty of fantastic projects and communities out there already. We are open to partnerships and opportunities to network.

If we vibe, and our ideals match, then we would love to connect.

Do you represent a project, discord group or DAO?, please do send us a DM on twitter @XCultureNFT